Pawlett Historical Society Receives Vermont Arts Council Grant

Pawlett Historical Society Receives Vermont Arts Council Grant

Pawlett Historical Society Receives Vermont Arts Council Grant


The Pawlett Historical Society received a Vermont Arts Council Cultural Facilities Grants at a ceremony on February 9. Pictured, from left, Alex Aldrich, Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, Barbara O’Connor and Steve Williams of the Pawlett Historical Society.

The Pawlett Historical Society announces that it has received an $8,729 Cultural Facilities Grant from the Vermont Arts Council. The Society will use this generous grant to convert the Chriss Monroe cemetery chapel in Pawlet into an historic display and storage space, and install an ADA compliant restroom. “We are delighted that constructive use is to be made of the Chriss Monroe chapel,” said Myron Waite, the superintendent of the Pawlet Cemetery. The grant money will fund some 40 percent of the conversion of the chapel into an 80-seat program and exhibition room and a separate 300 square foot archival working and storage space. In addition to an ADA restroom, building heating will also be included in the project. Both the grant writing and project management for the project have been, and continue to be, handled by the PHS vice president Bob Morlino. The purpose of the Pawlett Historical Society is to bring together those interested in the history of Pawlet and its surroundings, and to use its buildings – the Braintree  School and The North Pawlet School and, shortly, the Chriss Monroe Chapel – for educational and archival storage purposes. The Society also sponsors three or four programs a year on historical topics of local interest and annually runs a history-related activity with the sixth graders of Mettawee Community School.


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