Piano Workshop at Hubbard Hall

Piano Workshop at Hubbard Hall

Piano Workshop at Hubbard Hall

Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts is offering an introductory group workshop on the piano and reading music. The mysterious dots placed on the five lines and four spaces of two clefs (one for each the right and left hands) are correlated to the keyboard. The keys themselves are grouped into chords that will be introduced in simplified form so that the three main chords that belong to all songs and all forms of music are clearly understood conceptually and functionally. We’ll talk about how the Blues was formulated in the American melting-pot that not only gave us our own identity as a nation and culture, but celebrates the unique individuality that we each inherently possess. Participants will gain the ability to use these three foundational chords, common to folk, rock, blues and jazz to create simple improvisational melodies. This workshop, conducted by Paul Joseph Rovelli, is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Rovelli has been teaching piano and working in the piano industry for over 35 years. He brings an extensive level of instructional experience that rather than holding to a particular teaching methodology, adapts to the needs of the student. Hubbard Hall Center for the Arts is located at 25 East Main Street in Cambridge, N.Y. For more information or to purchase tickets, register for classes, make a donation and/or become a member or theatre subscriber, visit hubbardhall.org or call 518-677-2495.


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