Register for Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

Register for Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

Register for Governor’s Institutes of Vermont

High school students from Vermont looking to boost their skills and gain college experience this summer should apply now to the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont (GIV) for award-winning, fun, intensive study opportunities in a wide range of subjects. GIV offers 11 Institutes at nine college campuses in topics including Arts, Architecture, Astronomy, Information Technology, Science, Math and more. Students choose their favorite topics and dive deep into the concepts and careers surrounding that topic while living in a dorm and meeting other motivated young people from all over the state.

“Many of Vermont’s best young artists will be at our Arts Institute working with professional actors, musicians and artists this summer, and aspiring coders, game designers and data scientists will be at our Information Technology/Digital Media Institute soaking up advanced study in those topics,” said Karen Taylor Mitchell, executive director. “They will gain in-depth skills, experience living on a college campus, and leave with friends from all over the state who share their interest and ambitions.” Mitchell notes that in a study GIV did recently, 88 percent of alumni called GIV “one of the most important experiences of their high school years.”

GIV uses a sliding scale tuition model where families only pay what they can afford towards tuition. Room and board for the one- to two-week Institutes are included. Deadlines are coming up, so learn more and apply at, call 802-865-4448 or email [email protected]


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