Roundabout by Liz Schafer

Roundabout by Liz Schafer

Roundabout by Liz Schafer

Summer is here, and with it, a full slate of events in the Northshire for residents and visitors alike. The Vermont Summer Festival kicks things off starting July 1. It’s hard not to miss this event, which springs to life every year just north of Manchester on the Beebe Farm in East Dorset. It’s a great opportunity to see world-class athletes (human and equine) perform.

Music is resounding from the mountain tops: Stratton, Killington and Okemo all have music festivals going on.

Visit the new Hills Alive! ticket booth, between the Manchester and the Mountains Chamber of Commerce and Northshire Bookstore for the latest performing arts events, lectures and acclaimed summer theatre productions.

The Manchester Parks and Recreation Department has some great summer programs in store. It’s a lovely place just to hang out, too. There are picnic tables, of course, and lovely views. I often go for a walk there on my lunch break. There’s a great swimming pool, and lots of room to play; even our canine friends have a spot where they can cut loose.

Speaking of play, don’t forget Bromley’s Summer Adventure Park as well as all the fun local festivals and carnivals going on, and Emeral Lake State Park, East Dorset and Shaftsbury State Park, Shaftsbury – both nearby.

Hildene, the Lincoln Family Estate, is a wonderful getaway right here in town. Its 412 acres include a working farm, walking trails, exhibits, gardens and a tour through the house. They host a number of events throughout the year.

The American Museum of Fly Fishing preserves and exhibits artifacts related to flyfishing, and promotes water conservation. It’s family-friendly, too.

Just about every big town has a farmers’ market. Seek them out as a great place to meet the locals and partake of some of what Vermont is famous for – locally raised meats, farm-fresh produce, maple syrup, honey and artisan goods. You’ll most likely also get to hear some really great music by locally famous performers.

Concerts on the Green have begun in locations all over the area. And coming soon: Solarfest’s sustainability conference and music festival; a slate qarry tour in Granville, N.Y.; the Danby Bluegrass Festival; the Sheepdog Trials at Merck Farm and Forest Center; the Grafton Food Festival; and a little later on, the Chocolate and Cheese Fest, Killington Wine Festival and Peru Fair. You can read about them all right here in the Vermont News Guide – I try to fit in as many events as I can. If you know of any you don’t see here, I’d sure like to hear about it so I can let folks know the next time around.

Be sure to check out all the July 4th happenings this week – there’s something for everyone!

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