Rupert Gully to Be Restored

Rupert Gully to Be Restored

Rupert Gully to Be Restored

The Bennington County Conservation District (BCCD) has been awarded a Vermont Department of Environmental Ecosystem Restoration Program grant to restore an active gully adjacent to Mill Brook in Rupert. Th gully drains about 41 acres of forest, pasture and residential lands,, contributing significant quantities of sediment to and destabilizing Mill Brook, threatening properties and infrastructure downstream. The gully was documented by Fitzgerald Environmental Associates in their November 2015 Stormwater Plan for the Town of Rupert. The Plan provides options to reduce stormwater runoff impacts and protect infrastructure. Other towns in Bennington County, including Sandgate and Sunderland, are also working on stormwater plans.

The project will consist of installing V-shaped log structures and stone check dams. A stone-filled splash area will limit erosion on the downstream end of the gully. The Town of Rupert has agreed to transport timbers and stone to the work site, and a crew from the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps will install the check dams. Upon completion of construction, the work site will be sown with native grasses and perennials adapted to the setting and soil type.

Efforts were coordinated by a planning team of town officials and employees, fisheries biologists, Trout Unlimited, the Regional Planning Commission, Batten Kill Watershed Alliance and BCCD.


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