Salem Art Works to Host Global Exhibition

Salem Art Works to Host Global Exhibition

Salem Art Works to Host Global Exhibition

Salem2Salem is an interdisciplinary and intercultural artist exchange created in 2010 at Salem Art Works, with the idea that in order for art to grow and flourish, it must be exposed to different perspectives and experiences. Each year a new group of 30 artists are alternately hosted either in Salem, N.Y., or Salem, Germany to inspire one another and create a more in-depth understanding of the artistic process.

Over the initiative’s first five years, artists representing a number of different mediums, generations, and cultural backgrounds participated. In 2014, painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, and multi-media artists from all over the world converged on the grounds in Salem, Germany. During the three week residency, participating artists exchanged ideas, expanding their creative approach both as individuals and together as a group.

There is no theme or subject mandated for Salem2Salem, and the goal is not necessarily to have a finished product by the end of the residency. The place and the group are the theme, and the participating artists are free to create as they wish. Emphasis is placed on participants taking the time to experiment with various approaches and ways of working as an important component of the artistic process.

This year’s program marks the sixth year of this exchange, and culminates in a free group exhibition to be held on Saturday, August 15, from 5 to 8 p.m., at Salem Art Works, 19 Cary Lane, Salem, N.Y. for more information, call 518-854-7674 or visit


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