Salem’s Al Fresco A Grand Success

Salem’s Al Fresco A Grand Success

Salem’s Al Fresco A Grand Success

The amazing energy and activity surrounding the Al Fresco Weekend at Salem Courthouse Community Center is a pleasant memory—the event was a great success. “The best event yet” was a frequent quote heard as guests departed the grounds, filled with good food and tired from dancing. Over 200 dedicated volunteers came together to ensure the success of the weekend. Plans are already underway for the 2014 event.

While the Al Fresco Weekend may be history, there are still plenty of great events to come at the CCC. On Friday, August 16 at 5, there will be an opening reception for the new exhibit in the Great Hall. ‘Fire and Clay’ will feature the pottery of the area’s well known artist, Jordan Becker, whose amazing and unique creations are fired at the Anagama kiln at Salem Art Works. The pottery will be on display until the end of September.

On Tuesday, August 20 at 11:30, the Moreau Fun Band will be on hand to entertain with a concert of favorites. Offered in partnership with the Office for the Aging, the event will also provide a lunch for senior citizens. The CCC has offered this enjoyable event before, and it has always been extremely popular and well attended. To end the 2013 summer season, acclaimed pianist and conductor, Daniel Shulman, will return at 3 on Sunday, September 1, to offer a concert of beloved chamber pieces composed by Mozart and Brahms. A clarinet and string quartet along with Dan and acclaimed violinist, Kaori Washiyama, will perform in the courtroom. Tickets may be obtained by calling 518-854-7053.


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