Salem/Shushan Fuel Fund Gears Up for the Season

Salem/Shushan Fuel Fund Gears Up for the Season

Salem/Shushan Fuel Fund Gears Up for the Season

The Salem/Shushan Fuel Fund was started as a way for the community to provide for those in need of help with their heating bills. Local businesses and residents have been generous in their support of the fund. It has served many families since its inception in 2008. This year is proving to be a challenging one for heating budgets. HEAP funding is not enough, and many families in need do not qualify for HEAP. It is time to build up the Fund to meet that challenge. Come to Salem, enjoy our Fuel Fund Feast, and help spread the warmth!

For the sixth year in a row, the Salem community is rallying around the Salem/Shushan Fuel Fund. The support is much needed. Last winter, the Fund provided local families with over $12,000 worth of fuel to supplement their expenditures, and the Fund is currently empty. The help is provided confidentially and is administered by Reverend Debbie Earthrowl, pastor at the Salem United Methodist Church in Salem, N.Y.

Please join us at our Fuel Fund Feast Benefit Dinner, sponsored by the Salem Rotary Club and the First Presbyterian Church of Salem, on Thursday, November 7, from 5 to 7, at the Church. Local farms and restaurants are providing most of the food; beef from Mack Brook Farm, lamb from 3-Corner Field Farm, pork from Yuishak’s Supermarket, turkey from Hannaford in Greenwich, potatoes from Sheldon Farms, and dishes from Steiningers, Gardenworks, Fred’s Sub Shop, Jacko’s Soda Fountain, the Central House, the Salem Tavern and more. There will also be a vegetarian lasagna, as well as other vegetable dishes and many wonderful desserts.


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