Seeking Manchester Heroes

Seeking Manchester Heroes

Seeking Manchester Heroes

Do you know someone who has made an extraordinary contribution to the quality of life in our greater Manchester community? Each year since 1991 Community Recognition Committee of the Manchester Selectboard has accepted nominations and chosen those they felt best exemplified selfless community service for the ‘Unsung Hero’ Award. The names of these recipients of the Manchester Community Service Award appear on a plaque which hangs in the Town Hall Kilburn Meeting Room. These heroes are the people who work quietly, often behind the scenes. They are the people our community counts on to make happen all the ideas that make our valley and mountain towns such wonderful places to live and raise families. These are your volunteers, your chairpersons, your coaches, board members, the plainclothes soldiers who do the grunt work and don’t often get their picture in the paper. These are the people who when you ask for help put their hand up, step forward, or quietly make things happen without a motive other than helping their neighbors and their community

The ‘Unsung Hero’ Award began 20 years ago following a conversation over breakfast at the Quality Restaurant. Today the Community Recognition Committee of the Manchester Selectboard accepts nominations for the annual award. Letters of nomination will be accepted by mail or email [email protected] until Wednesday, November 30. The Town plans to hold an award ceremony in early December. Please consider nominating a worthy candidate by send a letter or email to: Unsung Hero Committee, c/o Wayne Bell, Chair, Manchester Selectboard, 6039 Main Street, Manchester Center VT 05255 or email [email protected]


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