Solo Exhibits Open at Southern Vermont Arts Center

Solo Exhibits Open at Southern Vermont Arts Center

Solo Exhibits Open at Southern Vermont Arts Center


‘Blue Bolt’ by Jeri Macdonald is one of the works on view in several solo exhibits at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester.

An eclectic exhibit in the Yester House Galleries at Southern Vermont Arts Center, on view until March 6, hosts 11 regional artists who capture the world through their mediums of photography and painting. Manchester’s Christopher Dant will be exhibiting his inspired black and white landscape photographs. Dant was a student of the renowned Ansel Adams. Barbara Harshman takes photos and transforms them to capture the sensation of movement. She challenges herself to make each piece distinct without straying from the original image. Vaune Trachtman takes photos of landscapes and urban areas using a flip phone and then processes them to look older. Her knowledge of 1800s technology is shown in her delicate prints. Kathie Thompson uses a subdued palette to create her comforting landscapes. She is inspired by untouched landscapes in the foggy morning around her hometown, Arlington, translating them in rich, luminous oil paint. Leslie Peck creates true-to-life oil painting portraits of humans, animals and still life that could be confused with photography. Irene Cole creates fanciful paintings inspired by nature to show the joy that she experiences when she is walking “through the woods with the sun dancing through the trees.” Annie Parham is a young artist from Dorset who works with a variety of mediums, from watercolor to photography, and does paintings incorporated with lace. Susan Wadsworth works mainly in pastel. She is inspired by the places around the world she has visited over the past 40 years, using around 20 layers of pastel smoothed by hand. Cheryl Joan is originally from the “rough and tumble” Chicago streets, but has found herself loving her home in the woods of Vermont. She imagines civilization becoming intertwined with  memory and nature, depicting  water, rotting wood and rocks. Jeri MacDonald is a painter from Cambridge, N.Y., whose works reflect the rural life and landscape of the area. She has worked in various mediums, but finds that oil painting is her favorite means of expression. Graham Mears is a bold and original artist based in Vermont. His strong paintings always describe a visionary message. SVAC is located  ogg West Road in Manchester. Call 802-362-1405 or visit for details.


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