SVAC Member Artists Featured in Seven Solo Exhibitions

SVAC Member Artists Featured in Seven Solo Exhibitions

SVAC Member Artists Featured in Seven Solo Exhibitions

An opening reception will be held Saturday, June 14, from 2 to 4 p.m. in Yester House at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, for exhibitions by member artists Alan Nyiri, Barbara Pafume, Leslie Parke, Leslie Peck, Bonnie Rapaport, Cynthia Rosen and Elaine Witten. The reception is free to the public and accompanied by complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Witten presents a mixed media show of sculpture, painting and drawing. Her subjects include figures, horses, birds and antique musical instruments. In Rosen’s work, abstraction meets realism, giving a new face to the classic landscape. Her energetic, layered brushstrokes and vivid, jazzy color choices create dynamic scenes with a twist. Rapaport has always been drawn to the dramatic chiaroscuro style of classic European still life. She aims to re-kindle this tone in her own work, using dark shadows and theatrical lighting to compliment her vases, flowers and fruits. Leslie Peck uses crisp, smooth brushstrokes to create realistic, bold portraits of animals and still lifes. Parke explores the line between the abstract and the representational in her exhibit. At first glance, her paintings appear to be abstract, yet each portrays a tangible subject, bringing into question our perception of reality. Watercolor artist Barbara Pafume draws inspiration from the magic and mystery of the natural world. Nyiri’s expansive photographs of the Vermont landscape offer a look at our surroundings through an enchanted lens. The shows run through Sunday, July 20.

SVAC is located on West Road in Manchester, Vt. For hours and further information, visit or call 802-362-1405.


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