Taconic Music Enters Third Year

Taconic Music Enters Third Year

Taconic Music Enters Third Year

Joana Genova and Ariel Rudiakov, artistic directors and co-founders of Taconic Music, announce that Lu French has joined its Board of Directors, along with several new members on their Advisory Board. French has been an active member of the Manchester community for the past 20 years and has a varied career as a clinical pharmacist, graphic and interior designer, and closest to heart, a yoga teacher and massage therapist. She replaces founding Board member and former vice president Jennifer Deck Samuelson, who will move to an advisory role. Stepping into the vice president role will be founding board member Sheila Mills.

French and Mills will serve with Board president Deborah Gardner Baasch, treasurer Scott Rostan, secretary Deanna Baasch and fellow board members Ellie Dyett and Ralph Thomas. Serving on the Advisory Board are Heather Braun-Bakken, Karl Brosch, Deborah Buck, Julie Burden, Jim Evans, Jamie Laredo, Ron Mancini, Sharon Robinson and Jennifer Samuelson. They will provide institutional governance and counsel to Ariel, Joana, bookkeeper Jenny Dewar, and Jane Duda, communications and development director, who has been working with Taconic Music since early 2017.

Taconic Music is a nonprofit organization that provides Southern Vermont communities with year-round concerts, lessons, demonstrations, and educational programs built upon the rich traditions of classical music. TM offers inclusive points of entry through a variety of genres for people of all ages and walks of life who value music as part of their daily lives. For more information on Taconic Music’s year-round offerings and summer music festival, visit taconicmusic.org.


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