Talk to Discuss the Relevance of Lincoln’s Greatest Speech

Talk to Discuss the Relevance of Lincoln’s Greatest Speech

Talk to Discuss the Relevance of Lincoln’s Greatest Speech

On Sunday, January 17, from 2 to 3 p.m., Hildene’s president, Seth Bongartz, will deliver a talk on Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. Bongartz will delve into the meaning, context and present-day relevance of the President’s greatest speech, noting that the choice of Martin Luther King weekend for the presentation is opportune. While Lincoln’s famous inaugural address and Martin Luther King’s historic ‘I have a Dream Speech’ are separated by 100 years, both mark important eras in our nation’s history, both are compelling, and each has had a dramatic impact on the social conscience of the nation. In his, Lincoln spoke the unpleasant truth that all Americans were complicit in the evil of slavery. He viewed the acceptance of this reality as a pre-requisite for reconstruction and national unity. King’s speech focused on the injustice of segregation and the unfinished work resultant of the nation’s failure to follow through on the promise of reconstruction. By so doing, both Americans selflessly faced the dangerous opposition to their positions and both paid the ultimate price.

This program takes place in the Beckwith Room at Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home, located in Manchester.

Admission to the talk is $5 for non-members, and free for Hildene members. Attendees wishing to extend their visit to Hildene on that day, can have the $5 fee for the talk applied towards the general admission charge of $20. Admission is not required for visiting the Welcome Center and The Museum Store. For more information, visit


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