The Collaborative, GNAT-TV Address Use of E-Cigarettes

The Collaborative, GNAT-TV Address Use of E-Cigarettes

The Collaborative, GNAT-TV Address Use of E-Cigarettes


A new film produced by GNAT-TV for The Collaborative addresses the increased use of electronic cigarettes among area youths.

The Collaborative has announced the debut of ‘E-Cigarettes: What You Need to Know.’ The round table discussion, which was filmed and produced by GNAT-TV (Greater Northshire Access Television), features Kathy O’Reilly, a chronic disease specialist with the Bennington County Office of the Vermont Department of Health; Riley Vogel, Burr and Burton Academy student
member of Our Voices Exposed; and Victoria Silsby, tobacco prevention coordinator, and  Maryann Morris, executive director, of The Collaborative.

The video short about E-Cigarette use and vaping, the potential risks of harm, how tobacco companies market to youth and more. The video was created as a tool for parents and community members to use as a discussion prompt when speaking with youth about making healthy choices. Towns can use the video as an educational tool to create policy language involving tobacco use and smoke-free properties and development.

There is growing concern regarding youth E-Cigarette use. The CDC reports from 2011 to 2014, past 30-day use of E-Cigarettes among high school students increased from 1.5 to 13.4 percent in Vermont. Rising use rates suggest youth think smoking E-Cigarettes is acceptable, and reverses the current low tobacco use rates among youth.

“Increasing tobacco and smoke-free campuses, reducing exposure to tobacco companies marketing to youth, and keeping tobacco and E-Cigarette use rates low positively contributes to a healthier community to live and work in and go to school in,” stated Silsby. The video is available for viewing at or The Collaborative provides youth leadership education, substance free youth and teen events and youth substance use prevention education and works with businesses, towns and schools. Call 802-824-4200 or email for more information.


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