‘The Double Life We Lead in Music’

‘The Double Life We Lead in Music’

‘The Double Life We Lead in Music’

Professor James Parakilas of Bates College presents ‘Inner Need/Social Bonds: The Double Life We Lead in Music,’ on Tuesday, April 15, at 4:15 p.m. at Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. From biology to ethnomusicology, music is treated as social behavior; in psychology and neuroscience, music is considered an interior process. Music may make us feel connected, or transport us away from others. But what model can bring together these two sides of our life with music? This lecture is sponsored by the Class of 1960 Scholars Fund and is free and open to the public.

The Class of 1960 Scholars Fund, established at their 25th Reunion, brings eminent researchers from other colleges and universities to campus to give colloquia and work with students in the classroom.

For more information, visit music.williams.edu or call 413-597-3146


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