The Geo Bee at Mettawee

The Geo Bee at Mettawee

The Geo Bee at Mettawee


Mettawee principal Brooke DeBonis and third grade teacher/Geo Bee organizer Mark Rampone flank the top three finishers in Mettawee’s 2016 Geo Bee, from left, Brett Rosenbauer, Tucker Haynes and Lily Cole.

Mettawee Community School’s fourth, fifth, and sixth graders participated in classroom level rounds of the National Geographic Geography Bee following their winter vacation. All did a great job participating and answering challenging questions about geography. Mark Rampone, a MCS third grade teacher and school Geo Bee organizer, said, “Students were prepared and excited for the competition which took place in the classrooms the week of January 11.” The finalists for the Geography Bee were the top finishers from each room from the Preliminary Competition.” The eight classroom level finalists were Lily Cole and Kassidy Brooks, grade six; Jeffrey Panoushek, Brett Rosenbauer and Ava Witt, grade five; Tucker Haynes, Aliza O’Rourke and Sam Cole, grade four. These finalists moved on to the school championship level held at during Mettawee’s All-School Meeting on January 27. School principal Brook DeBonis stated, “I am proud of all the students who were on stage answering the challenging geography questions in front of the whole school. I would like to announce that the third place winner is Lily Cole; the runner up is Tucker Haynes; and the Mettawee Community School champion is Brett Rosenbauer.” Brett has now taken the written qualifying geography exam that will determine whether he will take part in the State Geography Bee at Middlebury College on April 1. Nearly 70 students competed in either the classroom rounds or finals.


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