‘The Heady Topper Story’

‘The Heady Topper Story’

‘The Heady Topper Story’

As part of its Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, the Lightning Jar, Bennington’s collaborative coworking space for entrepreneurs, students and professionals, will present ‘The Heady Topper Story’ with Alchemist Brewery co-founder Jen Kimmich. “The Lightning Jar’s primary goal is to help fuel collaboration and inspiration for entrepreneurs in order to foster economic development from within the state,” said Dimitri Garder, interim director of The Lightning Jar. “The Alchemist Brewery’s incredible success and growth demonstrates the effectiveness of developing local small businesses and fostering startup growth as an economic development strategy.”

The Alchemist started as a Waterbury brew pub in 2003. It began production bottling its now-famous Heady Topper Double IPA in 2011; by 2015 it was rated the fifth best beer in the world by Beer Advocate, and beer lovers travel to Vermont from all over the world to seek out the scarce brew. Join Kimmich at the Bennington Museum from 5 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 6, to hear how a small local Vermont brewpub grew to be one of the most successful brands in the world. Thje Muesuem is located at 75 Main Street in Bennington.

This event is sponsored by The Lightning Jar and powered by VSECU, a member-owned cooperative and not for profit credit union for everybody in Vermont. VSECU’s Bennington branch is home to The Lightning Jar.


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