Tinmouth Old Firehouse Will Reel

Tinmouth Old Firehouse Will Reel

Tinmouth Old Firehouse Will Reel

Hear Irish music as the chiefs and the cottagers alike have enjoyed it for thousands of years at Tinmouth’s Old Firehouse on Friday, October 23 at 7:30 p.m. Harper Dominique Dodge and her husband, Irish fiddler Robert Ryan, breathe vivid life into timeless songs and melodies from Ireland and Scotland.  Dominique, a harper and singer from northern New Hampshire, holds a BA with Honors in Scottish Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and spent childhood summers immersed in the vibrant musical culture of Cape Breton Island. After falling in love with Robert and Irish music, she went on to earn an MA in Irish Music Performance from The University of Limerick as a Fulbright Scholar. Raised in an Irish family in England, Robert has been playing the fiddle and whistle since his earliest days, gathering songs along the way.

Come prepared for an evening of heart-rending songs, raucous dance tunes and haunting airs. This music is warm, lively and replete with longing. Dominique and Robert carry songs with strength and nuance, aligning phrasing and speech rhythms as only family can. Though small in stature, these two young musicians create a mighty sound, but pausing every now and again to share stories and insights with humor and grace.

The Old Firehouse is at 7 Mountain View Road, at the intersection with Route 140 in downtown Tinmouth. Doors will open at 7 p.m. There is a suggested donation of $10. Home made desserts, coffee and tea will be available; donations for them will help support community activities.


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