TPW Announces News

TPW Announces News

TPW Announces News

TPW has welcomed Alison Cummings as the new Managing Broker of TPW Real Estate in the Stratton area. Prior to joining the real estate industry in 2006, Alison spent 30 years as a ski coach and program director at Stratton. She owned and operated her own landscape company in the Manchester/Dorset area in the off-season. With time spent in both of those professions, she knows the area inside and out. “I’m thrilled to be joining TPW and am looking forward to working in the Stratton region – it feels like a coming home of sorts,” Cummings stated.

TPW also announces that Jessica Citera has joined the TPW family as Sales Associate. She has 20 years of experience in marketing and has specialized in real estate properties since 2006. Meredith Whatley, who joined TPW in the Vacation Rental business this past fall, has now become a licensed Sales Associate for Real Estate. She will be based out of the Manchester Office.


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