Training to Serve Londonderry

Training to Serve Londonderry

Training to Serve Londonderry


Members of the Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad and Technical Rescue treams recently participated in training exercises, this one at Hamilton Falls.

The Londonderry Volunteer Rescue Squad (LVRS) and Londonderry Technical Rescue (LTR) teams recently completed two joint trainings in waterfall rescue and vehicle extrication. In September, the teams practiced removal of an injured swimmer from the middle pool at Windham’s Hamilton Falls. This training involved one team of rescuers rappelling down the falls to provide hands-on care and prepare the patient for extrication. A second team configures a rope haul system with a basket that is used to safely lower the patient from the falls to the trail. In October, the teams practiced responding to a multi-vehicle car accident. The exercise included cars donated by community members, which were crumpled and rolled over to provide a high degree of realism. Volunteers seated in the cars acted as patients, complaining of scripted injuries that the medical teams needed to treat while the technical rescue team opened the vehicles using the jaws of life.

LVRS responds to almost 500 calls annually and keeping squad members well-practiced in complex rescue techniques is a critical component of LVRS’s mission. Both teams train at least monthly in a wide variety of topics. LVRS serves the tri-mountain towns of Landgrove, Londonderry, Peru, South Londonderry, Stratton, Weston, Windham, Bondville, Winhall and parts of Jamaica. To learn more, visit All squad activity, including trainings, is made possible by donations. Contact the squad at 802-824-6985 to make a tax deductible donation (including cars for trainings).


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