TriTown Collectors’ Show

TriTown Collectors’ Show

TriTown Collectors’ Show

A Coin, Sports, Postcard and Stamp Hobby Show will be held on Sunday, December 22, at the Bennington Hampton Inn, 51 Hannaford Square, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Many dealers and collectors from the tristate area meet monthly for a scholarship auction, coupled with a day-long series of activities with fun for the whole family, new collectors and experienced hobbyists. Besides our usual offerings of coins, currency, stamps and sports cards, we will conduct a special quiz for collectors at the coin club table. Study up on your history and take home collectable coins; if you reach into the collectible grab bag and select a free Indian Head Cent or Buffalo Nickel, you can double your prize if you can tell us who was president in the year the coin was minted. The Indian Head cents were issued from 1859 until 1909; Buffalo nickels were released from 1913 to 1938. Other door prizes will also be available for hobbyist of all ages.

The show continues on the fourth Sunday of each month. There is no admission charge and anyone wishing to set up a card table to sell their material may do so by calling Joe at 802-297-1274.


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