VAE and Village School Formalize Creative Partnership

VAE and Village School Formalize Creative Partnership

VAE and Village School Formalize Creative Partnership

The Vermont Arts Exchange (VAE) and the Village School of North Bennington (VSNB) will expand their partnership when VAE takes on all art education at the school for the coming year. “Vermont Arts Exchange has for many years brought exciting arts projects, workshops and events to the Village and its classrooms,” states Meg Woolmington, VSNB board chair. “We are pleased that Village School children will have even more opportunity to engage in creative work with VAE. Let’s see what serious fun takes shape.”

Tim Newbold, incoming Head of School, states “Over the last year I have been able to see our students working on projects with the VAE and I have seen the final products. The creative energy is great and the children are having fun, this is exactly what we want in our arts program.”

Through collaboration with each classroom teacher, VAE art instructors have found creative connections with classroom themes, looking for opportunities to use art to deepen the students’ understanding of the lesson at hand. Activities have ranged from fashioning native animal tracks to creating caricature sculptures of figures and buildings of historical North Bennington. Experiences are adapted for student age level, and may be completed in one or several classes or as part of a complex yearlong project.

Matthew Perry, VAE executive director, says “It is great when you hear a student in our studio say, ‘I don’t want to leave’ or ‘I could stay here all day.’” Perry has seen students over the years get fully engaged about a school project because they physically make something as part of the lesson. He says, ”Not all kids are wired the same way. Many excel when given the opportunity to express themselves creatively by using their imagination … then  build what they imagined.”

Classes will be held at the new art studio at the Village School,as well as in the community and at the VAE studio on Main Street, a short walk away. Visit and for more information.


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