Vermont-Based Stand Up to Hate to Meet in Manchester

Vermont-Based Stand Up to Hate to Meet in Manchester

Vermont-Based Stand Up to Hate to Meet in Manchester

These are uncertain times we are living in, but more uncertain for some than for others. Most of us have not been shouted at, degraded or threatened with violence because of the color of our skin or our perceived country of origin, yet that is something that more and more minority citizens have had to endure due to the rise of hate speech and bigotry over the course of the past year’s presidential election. And now, with the result of that election being what it is, there has been an even greater rise in hate crimes across the country as countless bigots/white supremacists have become even more emboldened. Of the 1094 hate incidents logged nationwide since the election by the Southern Poverty Law Center (, the number one location for them was in schools K to 12, and the great majority were unmistakably reflective of the rhetoric of the Trump candidacy.

When national and global events take large or disturbing turns such as this, it can be easy to feel despondent, confused, angry and helpless. What can a lone individual do to have any impact on an increasingly challenged world? Stand up. Get involved. Join in. That’s how movements begin.

Stand Up To Hate is a Vermont-based organization dedicated to spreading a message of tolerance and respect across the nation. Now is the time to join together to fight for what is right. To fight for the rights of all people of all faiths, races, gender and sexual orientation to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. These are not new ideals; they are well established and wholly entrenched in our national identity, but are currently standing on some very shaky ground.

Stand Up To Hate will be holding a public demonstration in January near or on inauguration day. There will be an introductory meeting held in the Spiral Press Café meeting room on Thursday, January 5, at 5:30 p.m. If you are interested in joining the group and taking a stand against intolerance, contact Jon by text or voicemail at 802-770-4194, or send an email to


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