Warm Hearts Create and Share Warm Blankets

Warm Hearts Create and Share Warm Blankets

Warm Hearts Create and Share Warm Blankets


The Equinox Terrace Knitting Club makes blankets for new residents, veterans and other seniors in the community

Manchester Center residents and Equinox Terrace seniors have been coming together for over a decade to make blankets. When new residents move in, they receive a knitted lap blanket created by the community’s knitting club, which also regularly donates blankets to the Vermont Veterans Home and area nursing homes. This mix of residents and volunteers meets every Monday morning building special bonds through laughter, conversation and the joy of creating something that serves a greater purpose. This camaraderie makes this activity the most attended at Equinox Terrace. “I love being a part of this group because everyone feels like they’re important and can contribute in some way,” said resident Harriet Boone. “When the residents are able to see how their work is impacting others, it makes them proud to know that someone has that blanket and cherishes it. I look forward to Mondays because of the time I get to spend with the knitting club at Equinox Terrace, and it’s a part of my life. We’re always welcoming new knitters to join in with us.”
From rolling yarn to fixing loose ends, to connecting the squares together, volunteers of all types and skill levels can contribute. This club relies on donations of thick yarn and knitting needles to operate. Donations may be left at 324 Equinox Terrace Road in Manchester Center. “When volunteers come in from outside the Equinox Terrace community, there’s a sense of happiness in the air,” said resident Evelyn Pierce.  “This is the activity I look forward to most each week.” Anyone can join them on Mondays at 10 a.m. To learn more about the group or how to make a donation, call Jenn Galusha at 802-362-5141.


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