Where Did You Get Your Gas?

Where Did You Get Your Gas?

Where Did You Get Your Gas?


The Russell Vermontiana Collection at Arlington’s Canfield Library is looking for photos and stories on bygone gas and service stations in the area.

Do you remember when gas was 38 cents a gallon? If you do, you may not want to admit it for fear of revealing your age. The Russell Vermontiana Collection in Arlington is looking for photographs to document early gas stations in Sandgate, Arlington and Sunderland. Today there are two stations on Main Street/Route 7A, but in 1956 there were at least five gas stations or garages. Robert Benedict’s garage, Wyman’s Service Station, Bernie’s Super Service and the Mear’s Brothers provided service in town. Berge’s Garage was known for providing repair service, electric and acetylene welding and Tydol automotive products. Mrs. Berge oversaw an antique and gift shop customers could visit while waiting.

In 1976 there were five stations: Hess’s garage, Cole’s Shell Service, Jerry’s Gulf, Arlington BP and Reed’s Kelly Stand Garage, not to mention the smaller shops neighbors ran in their personal garages or barns.

The Russell Collection is seeking to expand their material on this poorly documented part of our local history. We are willing to scan and return your photographs or accept donations. Scanned photos will be returned with a disk containing digital copies of your material. For information or to drop off your photos, contact the Russell Vermontiana Collection at the Martha Canfield Memorial Library in Arlington by calling  802-375-6153. The Collection is open for viewing on Tuesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment.


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