Wildcats Kick Off Soccer Season

Wildcats Kick Off Soccer Season

Wildcats Kick Off Soccer Season

Wildcats Kick OffThe MSW Wildcats hit the ground running on Tuesday, August 27, when Middle School soccer players got back to the practice fields. The Mountain School provides soccer instruction to all grade levels; competitive play is offered for the Elementary and Middle School students. The Elementary team is hoping for a strong season again as they came off an undefeated season last fall. The Middle School players field both boys’ and girls’ teams to compete against Long Trail School, Dorset, Maple Street, and several schools in the Bennington and Rutland areas.

Athletic Director and Middle School coach Tony Kasulinous said, “Winning games would and will be nice, however, our goal is foster the love of the game, educate student athletes in both the physical and cerebral aspects of the game, and to improve in every practice and match.” Practice started  when school opened on September 3rd,

Visit themountainschool.org for more information.


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