Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association Meeting & Cellar Hole Hike

Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association Meeting & Cellar Hole Hike

Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association Meeting & Cellar Hole Hike


Learn about forest conservation and see a presentation on what cellar holes reveal about area history at the WHPA’s annual meeting.

Sunday, April 24, will be a busy day for Windmill Hill Pinnacle Association devotees. At 2 p.m., forester Silos Roberts and Andy Toepfer, who does natural resource mapping and cartography, will lead a walk entitled the ‘Whys and Hows of Forest Management for Conservation.’ The walk will feature sites illustrative of decisions and actions taken by WHPA to show the management of property for conservation and wildlife. Interested hikers should call Roberts at 802-869-1388 to register. The group will meet at Main Street Arts, 35 Main Street, Saxtons River. Hikers will return from the walk in time for WHPA’s Annual Meeting at 4 p.m. Attendees can enjoy refreshments and view maps and materials. The short meeting will provide updates on recent past accomplishments and upcoming project plans, and allow members to elect new representatives to the Board. The program portion will follow with renowned local historian Richard Ewald who will present a slide lecture on cellar holes.

A veteran of municipal government and nonprofit management, Ewald is also a federally certified architectural historian who has nominated many properties to the National Register of Historic Places. He is the author of ‘Proud to Live Here,’ a regional history and a manual for historical preservation and economic development in Vermont and New Hampshire communities of the Connecticut River Valley.A resident of Westminster West since 1978, he will speak about early settlement patterns as revealed through the study of cellar holes on the town’s western ridge. Many of Pinnacle’s hiking trails on the ridge are bordered by old stone walls and traces of the foundations of 18th and 19th century homesteads. This program will  offer background information for ‘Cellar Holes of Old Grafton,’ a hike to be led by Richard Warren on June 4. You can visit the website at for more information.


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