Workshop to Spotlight Black Bears

Workshop to Spotlight Black Bears

Workshop to Spotlight Black Bears


Learn how black bears benefit from good land management practices at a workshop sponsored by Vermont Woodlands. Photo by Susan Morse.

Forest landowners, loggers, consulting foresters, park managers, and land trust planners are all invited to join ‘Good Forestry is Good for Wildlife: Focus on Black Bear’ with Sue Morse of Keeping Track on Saturday, February 20, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The black bear is a key beneficiary of good forest management practices. This event will offer a variety of topics, including bear biology and ecology, and a discussion on the positive outcome of various forest management practices as they stimulate more productive and diversified food and cover resources for the benefit of all wildlife, especially bears. You will experience in the field a variety of wildlife detection and habitat assessment techniques, with an emphasis on discovering how bears feed and communicate within the forest community. Morse, is a naturalist, forester and professional tracker. You can learn more about her and Keeping Track, the organization she founded in 1994, at The workshop is sponsored by Vermont Woodlands Association. Pre-registration is required; call 802-747-7900 or email Directions will be sent to you upon registering. Please complete registration form, no later than February 15, at The cost is $25 per person.


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