A Decade of Girls on the Run Celebrated at Mettawee School

A Decade of Girls on the Run Celebrated at Mettawee School

A Decade of Girls on the Run Celebrated at Mettawee School

On Tuesday, June 10, Mettawee Community School  held a celebration marking the end of the 10th season of Girls on the Run (GOTR). Coach Mandy Mayer, School Nurse and current parent, said, “We want all the girls to feel that their accomplishment of completing the program and finishing the 5K is important and worthy of recognition and to celebrate all girls and coaches who have participated over the last ten years, so we invited as many alumni who we could find.”

She continued, “Molly Barker, founder of Girls on the Run, sent us a congratulatory video where she applauded our state for creating a legacy for girls. We were so grateful for her kind words and that Nancy Heydinger, GOTRVT executive director, and Robyn Bashaw, program manager, were able to be with us. Our past principal, Nancy Mark, who supported the program through its early years here, was also in attendance, as well as Sue Ceglowski, a parent and president of our School Board, who brought Girls on the Run to our school ten years ago.”

The evening consisted of a family-style dinner, special performances, a presentation of awards, and a slide show. Mayer, who  has been involved with the GOTR program since its inception at Mettawee, said that there were  about 35 young women who returned to the school to celebrate, “Over and over, I heard former students remark about a particular lesson that has remained with them, or a coach’s words or actions that made a difference. It was very moving for me not only to see these beautiful faces of all ages together, but to witness the adoration the younger girls had for their older peers.” She concluded, “I think that connection helps the younger girls see how promising their own future can be. I was moved to tears many times during our banquet, so grateful for this program and it’s very real, positive and lasting effect it has had on so many girls and coaches.”

Principal Brooke DeBonis also attended the celebration. She said, “The evening was so positive. It was wonderful having so many past students return to our school to share their success stories. It was amazing to hear how the GOTR program taught these girls so many positive messages about believing in themselves, about being determined and strong, and about being kind to others. They still reflect on these important lessons and looking back they can state that the GOTR program has been so beneficial to them.” DeBonis took the evening’s opportunity to thank this year’s GOTR coaches Mandy Mayer, Lisa Hoyt, Phoebe McChesney, Kelli Lewis, Heather Aldrich and Sarah Porter, “I want to thank them for all the time and energy they put into coaching this season, and for all their hard work  that went into organizing a fun-filled evening where parents and students relaxed, reflected on one, or more, seasons of GOTR and enjoyed the entertainment!”


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