Alex Deibold Wins Bronze

Alex Deibold Wins Bronze

Alex Deibold Wins Bronze

Alex Deibold of Manchester, Vt., won bronze in the men’s snowboardcross (SBX) event at the Sochi Winter Olympics on February 18. He was the only American to advance to the Big Final (the top six riders).

Although this is the first time Deibold has attended the Olympics as a competitor, it’s not his first trip to the Olympics “I went to the last Olympics as a wax tech for the U.S. Snowboard Team, which was really hard work, but I was grateful for the experience of getting to go and help,” he said. “But now, making the team as an athlete is a dream-come-true. I’m so excited to experience all the things I got to watch my teammates get to do last time that I had to miss out on.”


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