All Creatures Great & Small at Three Pears Gallery

All Creatures Great & Small at Three Pears Gallery

All Creatures Great & Small at Three Pears Gallery

Come to Three Pears Gallery, and delight in artists’ renditions of all creatures, great and small! A menagerie of the wild and the domesticated – in all media – is sure to delight animal lovers’ hearts. From ‘Blue Heron,’ a bronze statue of a graceful heron fishing on Equinox Pond, to Gigi Begin’s personality-driven renditions of pigs, goats and llamas, to Caryn King’s contemporary portraits of farm animals; from Tony Schwartz’s high-definition infrared black and white photographs of cows and horses, to animals on handcrafted pottery; all creatures finned, furred and feathered are represented. Landscape painter Jim Rodgers has cast in with his fly-fishing pieces, and Oscar Trugler has zoomed in from his wide skies to individual animal portraits in his formal Dutch Masters style. Even as each animal is an individual, the artists bring their own uniqueness of style and perception to the work. All creatures wise (there’s a conclave of glistening hand-blown cardinals by Chris Sherwin) and wonderful (Crazy Cat Lady’s whimsical ceramics and pottery are catnip to cat fanciers!) are depicted with distinctive, artisan flair. There are dogs, cats, owls foxes and a bevy of sheep waiting to charm you. “Judith and I love animals, and are delighted to be surrounded by so many different creatures,” says Greg DeLuca, gallery owner. “And our award-winning artists made them all!” All are invited to enjoy the gallery’s signature pomegranate prosecco punch and nibbles on Saturday, February 16, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Three Pears Gallery is located on the Dorset Green at 41 Church Street, Dorset. Winter hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., they are closed Tuesdays. Call Greg DeLuca at 802-770-8820 for
further information.


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