Author Discusses Food Choices

Author Discusses Food Choices

Author Discusses Food Choices

Green Mountain College is pleased to host Tovar Cerulli, author of ’The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance.’ Cerulli will appear on Monday, November 11, at 7, in the Gorge at Withey Hall, Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vt The presentation is free and open to the public Cerulli’s will discuss his journey from eschewing animal products to improbably becoming a hunter.

At the age of 20, concerned about the ecological impact of eating meat, Cerulli became vegetarian, then vegan “A few years later, I realized that all food has its costs. From habitat destruction, to grain combines that inadvertently mince rabbits, to the shooting of deer in soybean and lettuce fields, crop production is far from harmless,” he wrote.

Primary sponsorship for Cerulli’s visit to GMC is through the class ‘Hunting: History, Ethics, and Management,’ which examines a range of topics and issues related to hunting. Cerulli’s book is one of the texts used in the class this semester. His visit coincides with a unit related to food production and game sampling, where he will share some of his recipes with students.


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