Catamount Gala and Auction Postponed

Catamount Gala and Auction Postponed

Catamount Gala and Auction Postponed

Everyone in America is aware of the recent government shutdown and how it adversely affected business. The consequence was many delays, cancellations and postponements throughout the country. As a result, the Bennington Chamber of Commerce has made the decision to postpone the Catamount Prowl Grand Gala and Auction event that was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 26th until the spring of 2014. This will allow time for things to return to a more normal atmosphere.

A new date and time will be announced shortly and all invitees will be informed of the adjustment. The chamber wishes to thank everyone for their positive support of the Catamount Prowl throughout the past several months and participation in the various games and contests associated with the prowl. The Catamounts will be hibernating for the winter months but will re-emerge in the spring before the gala. Until then, you may continue to submit proxy bids to the chamber. Simply log on to or call the chamber at 802-447-3311.


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