Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Citizen’s Climate Lobby, Columbia County Chapter, will meet on Saturday, May 3 at 12:45 p.m., at the Chatham Real Food Market Co-op, 15 Church Street in Chatham, N.Y. We are a new local chapter of a national non-partisan grass roots effort dedicated to building political will for Congress to take meaningful action for a sustainable climate.

If you’re worried about the climate, and the extreme weather that is claiming lives, damaging our property and harming our local municipalities, small businesses and farms, this is the group for you. Citizen’s Climate Lobby has a unique approach of seeking to reverse climate change through building positive, respectful relationships with lawmakers and focusing on specific proven solutions that have received support from conservative and liberal economists and scientists.

At the meeting on May 3 we will listen to the national Citizens’ Climate Lobby monthly conference call. Learn about our work at All are welcome. For more information, email Iona Lutey at [email protected]


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