Designing Edible Landscapes

Designing Edible Landscapes

Designing Edible Landscapes

Using permaculture principles, this one-day course is intended for all levels of gardeners who would like to design and plant food-producing ecosystems. We will be considering such perennials as apples, asparagus and hazel nuts while learning to use plants to fix nitrogen, extract minerals, attract beneficial insects and produce mulch.

Our presenter Keith Morris joins us from Willow Crossing Farm and Prospect Rock Permaculture in Jeffersonville, Vt. His work promotes economically viable farms and homesteads with systems that increase ecological health while meeting human needs. The workshop takes place on February 1, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the North Bennington Train Station. Registration is required, and the cost, on a sliding scale, is $100 to $150. To register email or call Jane at 802-447-7953.


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