Director Main Getting Noticed

Director Main Getting Noticed

Director Main Getting Noticed

Native Vermonter Christopher Main, son of Mr. and Mrs. Main of Manchester, is currently getting strong reviews for his directorial work  in England. Comments from critics in the UK included the following: “The reviewer was at The Tower of London along with crowds of tourists from all over the world. They were there for promenade drama from East 15’s BA in Acting and Stage combat students. At the end of their year, these students who are training at East 15’s Southend Campus were taking part in a week-long residency in partnership with Royal Armouries. This year’s play was The Princes in the Tower, based on Shakespeare’s Richard III, directed by Chris Main and Kezia Cole. Fine acting and dramatic combat scenes, during which you could hear the promenade audience audibly wincing, evidence of convincing work, showed why East 15 is a university that should not be overlooked. Christopher started with a summer internship at the Dorset Theatre and went on to earn his Master of Arts in Theater and his Ph.D. of Philosophy in Drama from Exeter University in the U.K. He is currently Head of Programmes at the University of Exeter, East 15 Acting School.

He is always interested in hearing from future actors; he can be reached at [email protected]


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