Do We Need Continuing Education Programs? Take an Online Survey

Do We Need Continuing Education Programs? Take an Online Survey

Do We Need Continuing Education Programs? Take an Online Survey

Residents of the region are asked to complete a brief survey to determine interest in developing new continuing/higher education opportunities in the Manchester and Mountains area.  The survey, developed by the Manchester 2020 Continuing Education Committee, was designed in response to one of the initiatives identified by the Council on Rural Development during their community meetings.

Jen Hyatt, academic dean at Burr and Burton Academy and chair of the committee, explains, “the committee is trying to figure out 1) if people are aware of area resources for continuing education, 2) if there is a real need for additional programs or courses in Manchester, and 3) what kinds of new programs or courses would be financially sustainable.”  The committee is relying on the survey results to provide the data necessary to make programmatic decisions.

Hyatt explains,  “We already have a number of terrific resources for continuing education in the area, such as the Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning, the Tutorial Center, the Career Development Center, and CCV, just to name a few. If the survey serves our desired purpose, the committee will be able to ground its future work in what the people of the greater Manchester area say they want and need, beyond what we already have.” The survey is available online at, and only takes a few minutes to complete. All residents are urged to respond by October 15. Shortly after the deadline, the committee will meet to analyze the results and prepare recommendations.

Each of the four Manchester 2020 committees is gearing up for a new season of activity.  The riverwalk committee completed its fall work day on September 21 removing brush, building a boardwalk over a muddy section and other trail improvements from the town green to the former bowling alley.  The business incubator group is completing its survey to potential businesses about the interest in shared office/work space.  The bike trail group is launching efforts to place additional bike racks throughout the downtown core.

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