Dollhouse and Toy Museum Features the Festival of Tiny Trees

Dollhouse and Toy Museum Features the Festival of Tiny Trees

Dollhouse and Toy Museum Features the Festival of Tiny Trees

The Dollhouse and Toy Museum of Vermont is once again staging its annual Festival of Tiny Trees, with more than 150 decorated miniature trees crafted by local artists. This year’s festival includes new trees with an Alice in Wonderland theme. There are also displays showcasing a Victorian Christmas in miniature, describing how many of our most popular Christmas traditions came about. These traditions include Christmas trees, cards and caroling. Clement Moore’s poem, ‘A Visit from Saint Nicholas,’ became widely popular during this time, making Santa Clause the red-robed and white-bearded figure that we know today. Holiday exhibits also include German nutcrackers, antique Christmas tree angels, vintage Christmas cards, and many different versions of Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas. All of the Museum’s dollhouses are decorated for the season. And its Vermont MoMA, the Vermont Museum of Miniature Art, showcases the work of many famous artists – from Vermeer to Andy Warhol to John Singer Sargent and Modligiani – in miniature – along with works of local artist Patsy Santo that capture many scenes of Bennington in the ‘50s and ’60s. There also are galleries with original works and a miniature sculpture garden as well.

The Dollhouse and Toy Museum is located at 212 Union Street in Bennington. It is open Saturdays and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. It will be closed on Christmas Day. Admission is $2 for children three and older, $4 for adults, and $10 for families. For details, visit them at or call 802-681-3767.


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