Equinox Terrace Prepares for Lunar Eclipse in Honor Of Resident

Equinox Terrace Prepares for Lunar Eclipse in Honor Of Resident

Equinox Terrace Prepares for Lunar Eclipse in Honor Of Resident

Meteor showers, shooting stars and eclipses have long evoked a sense wonder for professional and amateur astronomers. The next big astronomical event, the first total lunar eclipse in three years, is happening on Monday, January 21. One resident of Equinox Terrace Assisted Living, Dr. George Mumford, had a passion for astronomy since childhood. After receiving his AB in astronomy from Harvard in 1950, a Master’s from Virginia University in 1952, and a PhD from the University of Virginia in 1955, he shared his enthusiasm with students at Tufts University and his own children for over 40 years. He was also involoved in the research of supernovae as a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Royal Astronomical Society, and contributed articles to publications like Sky & Telescope.

His daughter, Barbara Hand, fondly recalls viewing various eclipses with her father, noting they were moments of both professional and personal joy. “I couldn’t begin to tell you how many,” said Hand. “However, I know each one was an event he found worthy of setting aside time to witness. As children, my siblings and I were always included to witness these events. Once, we even went so far as to follow the path of a solar eclipse on a cruise. These events were a marvel to behold and resulted in fond memories that I will cherish forever.”

On the evening of the eclipse, residents and team members at Equinox Terrace will have the opportunity to observe it. “We marvel not only at the beauty of our universe, but also reflect on those who make it their job to alert all of us of these celestial wonders,” said Ann Bouza, executive director of Equinox Terrace. “We’re honored to have accomplished individuals like George Mumford call our community home, as residents like him serve as a constant reminder to expand one’s horizons and look to the stars. We look forward to observing this unique sight with residents, team members and our families.”


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