Flood Brook Holiday Baskets

Flood Brook Holiday Baskets

Flood Brook Holiday Baskets

Flood Brook School has put together 40 food baskets with turkeys for some of our families for the holidays. We had much help from many people in the community and would like to thank the following:

The students of Burr and Burton Academy donated 15 baskets and 15 turkeys; special thanks to Lani Lovisa for coordinating that effort. Burr and Burton has been a long time supporter of this effort and their commitment is much appreciated. A group of local realtors put together 13 baskets; a special shout out to Lee Brown and Allison Cummings for spearheading that effort. The Second Congregational Church and Laurie Kroos Mullen donated ten turkeys; Clark’s IGA helped out with the remaining turkeys. Greg Harrington gathered the various baskets and turkeys. And last, but not least, the families of Flood Brook who put together the remaining twelve baskets and donated money for turkeys. It certainly takes a village, and the families of Flood Brook are lucky to live in this one. Thank you.


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