It Takes a Global Village to Build a Habitat Home

It Takes a Global Village to Build a Habitat Home

It Takes a Global Village to Build a Habitat Home

It takes a community to build a Habitat home. On August 11, a team of 12 Global Village volunteers arrived in Bennington County to begin a week of work on two houses being constructed on Jennifer Lane in Manchester by Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity. The team, headed by Stan Duda from Shrewsbury, Vt., included volunteers from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, Washington state, upstate New York, Long Island, Chicago and Germany.

Donations and discounted pricing from many individuals, businesses and educational and religious organizations made the Global Village team’s visit possible. Our thanks go out to Bennington College for lodging, Hand Chevrolet for transportation, and to the following churches for providing lunches and dinners: First Baptist Church of Manchester, First Congregational Church of Manchester, United Church of Dorset and East Rupert, Zion Episcopal Church of Manchester, Second Congregational Church of Bennington, and the Federated Church of East Arlington. Thanks, too, to Gringo Jack’s for helping out with the farewell dinner on August 17. The team built and ate with energetic enthusiasm! Each team member received a bag of small gift items donated by Northshire Bookstore, rk Miles, Duttons, Orvis, Manchester Woodcraft and Wagatha’s Dog Biscuits. Cultural and recreational opportunities were facilitated by Battenkill Canoe and the Robert Frost Museum.

The Global Village team worked on houses being built with, and for, Shannon and Lori Gordon and their five children, and for the newest Habitat partners, Rodney Carmouche and Mikhaila Shum and their three children. These families and the Bennington Area Habitat Board extend sincere appreciation and thanks to the 12 members of the Global Village team and the Bennington area community for supporting the work of Bennington Area Habitat for Humanity.

It takes a community to build a Habitat home!


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