Kids at the Bennington Museum

Kids at the Bennington Museum

Kids at the Bennington Museum

On Thursday, February 13, at 1:30 p.m., Bennington Museum celebrates President’s Day with a tribute to America’s first president. Young participants will view the Leroy Williams painting, ‘Prisoners Taken at Bennington Battle, August 16, 1777,’ and discuss questions such as, “What is going on in this painting?” and “Why do all the men have gray hair?” Have your portrait taken in full Washingtonesque regalia, make birthday cards for the president, and enjoy a red, white and blue snack.

Winter vacation sessions will also be available. Paticipants will explore and create artwork, focus on how colors interact, and practice some of the techniques used by the artists on exhibit in the Museum. Pre-registration is required; call 802-447-1571 or email
[email protected]


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