Long Trail School Aids Oklahoma Victims

Long Trail School Aids Oklahoma Victims

Long Trail School Aids Oklahoma Victims

Students, teachers and members of the Long Trail School family rounded up assorted school supplies and knapsacks, and also made monetary contributions as tangible support for fellow students and educators in Moore, Oklahoma.

On May 20, a massive EF5 tornado hit the suburbs of Oklahoma City, destroying homes, businesses, two elementary schools and a hospital. Deeply moved by the stories of the devastation, and particularly of the teachers who shielded children from the storm with their own bodies, teacher Paige Jackins remembered the outpourings of support in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene’s assault on Vermont. Jackins sent a quick email around Long Trail School to assess others’ interest in an effort for assistance. Fellow teacher Daniela Stewart responded. Stewart has a friend who works in a nearby Oklahoma community and knew what needs there were for help. Armed with this firsthand information, the duo became leaders of an intense one-week challenge to gather goods and cash to be sent to Moore. Over 160 people donated to the cause, bringing in more than $600 and nine overflowing backpacks of notebooks, writing utensils and classroom supplies for students and teachers. The money and items were given to the Moore Association of Classroom Teachers, who are equipped to ensure the best distribution.

As Co-Chair Daniela Stewart stated when first soliciting the school community’s support, “Schools often work with students’ IQs; this project really speaks to each person’s EQ (emotional quotient)—our ability to empathize and deal sensitively with other people.” With Long Trail’s focus on core values of kindness, social responsibility and stewardship, it is no surprise that the gifts arrived so quickly and so generously.

Jackins’ desire to help was echoed in others’ hearts and Long Trail is proud of its efforts of support.


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