Opportunity for Choral Singers

Opportunity for Choral Singers

Opportunity for Choral Singers

Choral singers with an affinity toward classical church music in a traditional setting, who are available for a regular Sunday morning commitment, are encouraged by Old First Congregational Church of Bennington to consider joining its choir program.

Under the direction of Charles Olegar, the church’s organist and choir director since this past December, Old First Church’s choir has been working to develop as a skilled ensemble, bringing to worship distinguished music covering several centuries, including more recent, classically-rooted compositions. “Each Sunday’s music is selected and prepared with the aim of bringing to our services the spiritual invigoration and nourishment that can be a special province of fine sacred music,” states Olegar, whose career as a professional church musician spans over four decades. Along with its September-through-June schedule of weekly 11 a.m. Sunday morning services, the choir also appears regularly on Old First’s community musicale series, inaugurated last March and special musical programs on Christmas Eve and Easter.

In opening choir membership to the community, Old First Church is reflecting its historic role in Bennington, where it long served as the town’s Meeting House. Thus, participation does not carry with it the prerequisite or expectation of church membership. With the congregation’s commitment to offering an inclusive, warmly-supportive community that welcomes and celebrates diversity, choir members often choose to become more extensively involved in church life. “We are about the spiritual power of great music offered as worship,” Olegar says; “A concert venue might provide some of that, but in the context of worship an already superb piece of music can take on even greater dimensions and meaning. That’s our role at Old First.”

Old First’s choir rehearses weekly on Wednesdays, from 7 to 8:30 in the Barn, on Monument Circle, with Sunday morning warm-up at 10:30 for the 11 a.m. service.

Prospective singers should contact director Charles Olegar, either personally after a service,  at [email protected] or by phone 802-447-1223.


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