‘Rebuilding the Foodshed’

‘Rebuilding the Foodshed’

‘Rebuilding the Foodshed’

From rural outposts to city streets, people are sowing, growing, selling and eating food produced close to home — and are crying out for agricultural reform, making local food into everything from a movement buzzword to the newest darling of food trendsters.

But now it’s time to take the conversation to the next level. In ‘Rebuilding the Foodshed,’ author Philip Ackerman-Leist discusses rebuilding regional food systems to replace the destructive aspects of industrial agriculture, meet food demands affordably and sustainably, and be resilient enough to endure potentially rough times ahead.

Meet the author at the Northshire Bookstore, Saturday, September 14, at a 6 p.m. reception, to be followed by a reading and discussion at 7. For more information on this and other events, call 802-362-2200 or 800-437-3700, or visit northshire.com.


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