Solar Array is Up and Running

Solar Array is Up and Running

Solar Array is Up and Running

Green Mountain College opened a new solar installation on the south side of campus on Wednesday, December 9. The 156 kW solar array will contribute the equivalent of 7 to 8 percent of the college’s current energy use to the electricity grid.

The initiative was financed through a power purchase agreement with a third-party investor, Green Lantern Capitol, based in Waterbury, Vt. In return, GMC will receive net metering credit from its utility company Green Mountain Power, reducing the College’s electricity bill. The installation was completed last month by Positive Energy, based in Granville, N.Y.

“This project represents the kind of creative synergy between public and private organizations necessary to reach our community, state and national renewable energy goals,” said President Fonteyn.

Student Senate President and senior Jo Jo Buss and Green Mountain College board of trustee members Bob Charlebois and Bob Allen helped throw the main breaker switch which activated the flow of electricity from the inverter station.


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