Student Art Show Opens at Slate Valley Museum

Student Art Show Opens at Slate Valley Museum

Student Art Show Opens at Slate Valley Museum


‘Light on the Lake’ by Shelby Mack of Poultney High School is one of the pieces shown in the student art show at the Slate Valley Museum.

The Slate Valley Museum will host ‘Artists of the Slate Valley,’ a student art show with works inspired by slate and living in the Slate Valley by elementary and high school students from the area. An opening reception will be held on First Friday, February 5, from 7 to 9 p.m., and the show will run until Thursday, March 31. This exhibit will showcase and unite the talent of students from the following schools: Granville Junior and Senior High Schools, Granville Elementary School, Mary J. Tanner, Whitehall High School, Fair Haven High School, Poultney High School, Castleton Elementary, Castleton Village School, Long Trail School and Dorset Elementary.

“The artwork is so varied and wonderful. The students did a great job and we’re proud to display their hard word on our walls. We hope this becomes an annual event,” says Krista Rupe, executive director of the Slate Valley Museum.

“I am so thrilled to be a part of the first annual Slate Valley Museum’s collaborative, multi-district Valley Art Show. I love celebrating our community’s heritage and also our special natural resource, slate. As our students appreciate the past they bring their fresh look and perspective of this natural wonder into the future. I’m super excited to see the different students’ interpretations of slate and their respective communities when the show opens in February. This is going to be a show to remember!” says Jennifer Dashef, art teacher at Granville Elementary School and Mary J. Tanner School.

The museum was also recently gifted eight paintings on slate done by Granville Junior and Senior High students that were on display between 2007 and 2009. They depict village scenes of Granville based on photographs in the Slate Valley Museum’s archives.

“We’re pleased that this wonderful collection has made it back to us. We are happy to display them again at our new show,” says Molly Biggs Celani, presdient of the Slate Valley Museum’ Board of Trustees.


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