The Sweet Pleasure of Sound Medicine

The Sweet Pleasure of Sound Medicine

The Sweet Pleasure of Sound Medicine

Musician Barry Hyman will play his bass sitar, called the surbahar, on Wednesday, August 21, 7 to 9 p.m., at Dionondehowa Wildlife Sanctuary & School, inviting listeners to sink into the sounds and travel. Following his solo performance, he will be joined on stage by poet Bonliz Hoag, for a sound sand painting, with voice and steel pedal guitar. The program concludes with audience members joining in, if they choose, for drumming, om-ing and general soulful merriment and auditory experiments. There is a suggested donation of $10. Reservations are requested, at 518-854-7764.

DWS&S is a non-profit, forever-wild land trust on 217 acres bordering the Battenkill. The Sanctuary provides refuge and recharge for wildlife and humans alike. The School is dedicated to nature studies and to the healing and expressive arts, using them to promote social and environmental responsibility in an atmosphere both contemplative and joyful. Dionondehowa is located at 148 Stanton Road, Shushan, N.Y.


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