Tutorial Center Returns Education to Smokey House

Tutorial Center Returns Education to Smokey House

Tutorial Center Returns Education to Smokey House

The Tutorial Center (TTC) and the Smokey House Center (SHC) have joined forces to re-boot educational services on the 5000-acre property, with the new YouthWork & Learn for high school students.  Environmental field studies and agricultural programs are also in place for local elementary and middle schools. TTC’s YouthWork & Learn, is a full-day place-based and work-based educational model that uses an experiential, interdisciplinary approach to develop academic and personal skills.  Learning takes place in the garden, in the fields, and in the forest as well as in the classroom and online. Participating students receive credit toward high school graduation.”We’re excited to resume education programs at Smokey House with a new, individualized approach,” said Jack Glade, TTC Executive Director.  “The farm, field and forests provide a great learning space for high school students.“

The Smokey House Center manages 5,000+acres of conserved forest and farmland in Danby, Vt. Its mission includes maintaining a working landscape that promotes sustainable agriculture while engaging people in education programs that help them develop skills to become self-sufficient and productive.

The Tutorial Center, a non-profit based in Bennington and Manchester, is nationally recognized for its programs to enhance literacy, work readiness and other basic skills of youth and adults in southern Vermont and New York State.  For information on the YouthWork and Learn program at Smokey House, contact Juanita Burch-Clay at 802-293-9300 or [email protected] See details about the program at tutoringvermont.org.


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