Vermont Coverts Offers Woodland Management Workshop

Vermont Coverts Offers Woodland Management Workshop

Vermont Coverts Offers Woodland Management Workshop

The Vermont Coverts Woodlands for Wildlife Cooperator Training Workshop is for landowners and others who are concerned about maintaining and enhancing a diverse wildlife habitat and healthy ecosystems throughout Vermont. This weekend retreat provides an opportunity to learn about the resources available to help attendees define and reach their land management goals. The Cooperator Workshop is held twice a year. This year, the dates are May 17 to 19 at the Common Ground Center in Starksboro, and September 6 to at Kehoe Conservation Camp on the shores of Lake Bomoseen. Coverts Cooperators are those that have attended the program and work together to share what they have learned through local programs and outreach to ensure that wildlife has a place on the landscape.

Habitat is the key limiting factor for wildlife. Maintaining and connecting habitat allows wild animals to move about in order to find food, mates and shelter. This intensive session features presentations by state and local experts in wildlife and forest management and alumni from past sessions. Through lectures, demonstrations and field tours, participants learn about topics such as wildlife and forest ecology, habitat management, invasive control and land conservation.

Once trained, Coverts Cooperators become part of a statewide network connected through newsletters, field trips, reunions and workshops. Past participants have become active in their conservation commission, made changes to their woodland management, hosted a workshop on their land or just talked to neighbors about wildlife habitat. Coverts provides information and resources to these new Cooperators as they learn and pass information on to their community. All materials, lodging, food and other expenses related to the training are covered through donations by past participants. There is a $100 registration fee, refundable upon completion of the training. Visit for an application, contact Lisa Sausville at [email protected] or call 802-877-2777.


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